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Run separate instances of a program on each desktop.

I opened up a PDF file in desktop two then switched to desktop three and opened a different PDF file.
The results of this is that desktop two has one instance of Adobe Reader open while desktop three has two instances of Adobe Reader open. However, desktop two will only have whichever PDF file I choose from desktop three available to me whether it was originally opened on desktop two or not.

Desktop one (the original) shows generic icons instead of the actual icons from my taskbar (desktops two and three don't show these same icons as they are missing if you set them to have their own icon sets).

If these are supposed to be separate desktops then I should be able to read a different PDF file on each desktop. Since I cannot do this, then that means that this program is not creating a true virtual desktop for each of the desktops.

If I close Adobe Reader on one desktop it closes it on all desktops.

Danny McCormick , 22.11.2010, 07:45
Idea status: under consideration


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